Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd is a listed company, on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, and is the largest heavy industry of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is situated in the Mediterranean Sea east of Greece, south of Turkey and west of Syria. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia and being at the south-eastern extremity of the European Union acts as a bridge to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The Vassiliko Cement factory operates on the coast near Limassol in Cyprus. The location was chosen in view of its abundance of raw materials of excellent quality and the proximity to the sea.

The Company owns and operates a cement production plant with a new production line of best available technology, operational since 2011, and with a kiln capacity of 6000 tons/day. The plant is surrounded by its own quarries that produce high quality aggregates and raw materials. The Company further owns and operates its own port through which 50% of its clinker and cement production is exported annually.

The Company adheres to a strategy of sustainable development, and as such maintains a balanced policy of economic, social and environmental health, operating within a framework of complete transparency amongst all the stakeholders.

Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd, the largest heavy industry in Cyprus continuously evolving at all levels, business, and environmental technology, with the fundamental principles of continuous quality improvement of products offers the best customer service and respect for the environment, principles which are inextricably linked with the achievement of its strategic goals.


Our vision is to be a successful company with respect and contribution as our key principles.


“Quality is at the centre of our dynamic growth, thereby addressing the challenge of continuous and innovative development. We improve our production respecting the environment, protecting our people, supporting the communities.”


Five values lie at the heart of the Company in pursuing its mission. These values not only define the Company but also act as a guide for Vassiliko People daily activities:


Respect to human entity being the core of the organization's development and survival


Remain true and honest in all our actions

Health & Safety

A working environment in which the prosperity of people is the overriding principle.


Environmental protection in all stages of our operations constitutes a priority 


Exceed customers’ expectations through non compromised standards of excellence

The Companys' strategy is in short the continuing strengthening of its competitiveness, and its sustainable development program. A fundamental aim of the Company is the continuous study of new technologies and the introduction, in controlled stages, of proven and reliable processes, which serve the Company’s quality requirements and financial targets.

The technology of Vassiliko Cement allows the maximization of the productivity, the minimization of operating costs and the quality improvement of the products.

Within the framework of the technological upgrading, the Company introduces new automation systems and also applies preventive maintenance procedure, which maximise the utilization factor of the production units. 

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